‘eFilm’ arrives at Ceuta libraries to offer film loans online

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The Library Service, attached to the Ministry of Education and Culture, has taken another step in its firm commitment to digital tools with the launch, starting tomorrow, Monday, the 23rd, of a platform for renting films and documentaries for users who are part of the City Public Libraries network.

In this way, it will be possible to access ‘eFilm’, which will be available through the City’s website with the library’s membership card number and the user’s personal password. In addition, and with the aim of facilitating the experience for those interested, the Library Service has prepared a manual on the functionalities of ‘eFilm’, which will allow each member to make two weekly loans, this period being renewed every Tuesday. Likewise, two emails are made available to the public to answer any questions: [email protected] y [email protected]

On the other hand, the Library Service recalls that the ‘eBiblio’ book, audiobook and electronic magazine lending service continues to operate, which, like ‘eFilm’, has no cost for members.

People interested in being part of the Library Network can request their card through this link.

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