The leading Irish newspapers Irishtimes focused on the study of 17 international doctors on the medical effect of using statin to lower cholesterol by reviewing 1.3 million patients.

The study included Egyptian Professor Dr. Sherif Sultan, President of the International Society of Vascular Surgery in Galloway, and Dr. Malcolm Hendrik of Scotland, author of The Great Cholesterol Con, as well as David Diamond and others.

"Despite the uncertain benefits and serious side effects of the drug, millions of people around the world are treated with it, including many who do not have family history of heart disease," Dr. Sultan told Daily Mail.

Sultan expressed concern about the increased use of LDL-C inhibitors, known as bad cholesterol, pointing out that the cost of this drug is about 20 thousand euros annually.

Sultan suggested that doctors abandon the use of statins and PCSK-9 inhibitors, calling on them to determine the actual causes of cardiovascular disease. The paper was published in the journal Review of Pharmacical Phar



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