Ehpad Tonus Vitamine de Draguignan: families asked to come and pick up their loved ones

This Sunday evening, there are 29,837 additional cases of contamination and the virus is reaching retirement homes. In the Tonus Vitamine nursing home in Draguignan in the Var, 37 residents and 13 employees tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday.

To protect the uninfected residents, the management asked their families to temporarily take back their loved ones for 15 days, if it was possible for them. “It’s just impossible,” says Florence Aillet, daughter of a nursing home resident. Exceptionally, she was able to enter yesterday to see her ailing mother. The latter’s room, covid negative, is surrounded by rooms of residents who have contracted the virus. The residents therefore remain in the nursing home, confined to their rooms.

While management says there are enough staff to properly care for residents, they recognize difficulties in isolating them from each other. The regional health agency, the hospital and the town hall of Draguignan are working alongside the nursing home to be able to offer a solution as quickly as possible.

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