Eintracht Frankfurt is threatened with a lawsuit over Castro

With the signing of World Cup hero Mario Götze, Eintracht Frankfurt caused quite a stir. Another transfer could soon put Eintracht in trouble. It’s about Nicolas Castro from Newell’s Old Boys, who, like Götze, is at home in attacking midfield.

As Ignacio Astore, the president of the Argentine club, told the newspaper The capital explained that the SGE submitted a four-million-dollar offer for Castro almost two weeks ago. Newell’s Old Boys accepted the offer – and has been waiting for a sign of life from Hesse ever since.

“We’re a bit surprised about Castro”I know Astore. “We accepted the amount for the player. Then we emailed them to exchange documents and to know when they want Nico in Germany. We haven’t received an answer until today, but until July 1st still time to close the deal.” (quoted via

Due to the alleged imminent move to Germany, Castro has not been used in the last three games at Lionel Messi’s home club. “Last week we received two official offers for Castro and I said he was already sold. I rejected those offers”added Astore.

Argentinian journalist Cesar Luis Merlo even reported on Wednesday afternoon that the transfer has already finally failed. According to Merlo, Newell’s will now contact FIFA and sue Eintracht for damages.

Due to the temporal proximity to the Götze deal and the similar profile of the two players, the suspicion arises that the SBU originally wanted to sign Castro, but then decided against it when they received the commitment from the former BVB and Bayern star.

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