Elgoibar: “My work has ended, it’s time for young people”

A. Z.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 00:06

For many years, Joaquín Rosario Luján was an occasional donor, but there came a time when he made the commitment to donate blood whenever he could. «I decided to take the fact of being a donor seriously and instead of waiting for them to call me, I decided to present myself voluntarily every three months, which is the minimum time required between donation and donation for men, without waiting to be called. Donating blood is a simple gesture that costs nothing and that gives you great personal satisfaction, because you know that you are being useful to people who need that blood and I have felt grateful for being able to carry out this work.

Unfortunately, every donor knows that this work has an expiration date. 70 years is the age limit to donate and Joaquín will reach that age this month. In fact, his last donation took place in September. «The doctor who treated me reminded me that he was about to turn 70 and that this was going to be my last donation. My work is done. It is the turn of the youngest and he encouraged them to take over from those of us who left him. I insist that it is something that costs nothing and that, in addition to helping others, helps oneself to feel better».