Elianis Garrido recovery fainting health

The presenter Elianis Garrido is one of the presenters of the ‘Lo Sé Todo’ program and in the middle of a news she was delivering, the presenter fainted and they had to send commercials abruptly so that the doctors could treat her.

The truth is that the health of the ex-protagonist of soap opera and now fitness figure It hasn’t been the best this week. Elianis has shared a series of posts on his twitter account in which he tells how bad he is having.

“Since Monday I haven’t had a single peaceful morning because of this cough!… I need to sleep for a whole week, I think”, Elianis wrote, revealing how beaten her health is and the cough that afflicts her.

Fortunately, the presenter is incapacitated. Elianis leads a rather demanding lifestyle in which she continually travels from Bogota to Barranquilla to take care of her partner and her business as a businesswoman.

What his fans applaud is that he has taken a few days to overcome the Fainting that it got.

“Long live those friends who pray for you. God bless you”published this Saturday.

In addition, in her stories, she shared that she is drinking hot drinks to soon overcome that cough that afflicts her.

about his illness, Elianis Garrido had explained on Twitter:

“Never in my life have I had such a daring flu! Aggressive and invasive! Please take care of yourselves and do not minimize the symptoms. Chronic Bronchitis (and no, I DO NOT smoke! I do not even vape!) my body claimed me because I didn’t listen to him for prioritizing my responsibilities.”

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What happened after Elianis Garrido fainted

Upon returning from the commercials, his colleagues Ariel and Mafe Romero assured that:

“White lady, everything is fine, Eli is perfect, she is completing a security protocol and she is fine, don’t worry, she will call you soon, we will tell you what is happening with Eli” Ariel assured.

Obviously, the presenter’s mother, who is always watching the program, was too concerned about what her own partner said.

Users pointed out that it could be a possible pregnancy, since it must be remembered that since she got married, Elianis Garrido is looking for a baby with her husband.

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