Előd Császár was a star singer of the 90s: at the age of 49, he had to find a new job – Domestic star

Emperor Predecessor he was one of the biggest stars of the Hungarian nineties, the audience can thank him for songs that are still adored today, such as “I’ll Find You Yet” or “Forbidden Love” released in 1996.

However, his singing career came to a screeching halt in December 1998 after he was involved in a fatal traffic accident. After that, he started a new life abroad, Shane became a popular disc jockey around the world under 54 stage names.

Work of Emperor Predecessor

Előd Császár became a father in 2009, his ex-wife Anna gave birth to a little girl, who is now a 13-year-old teenager. In an earlier interview, the singer revealed that the pandemic had affected his calculations, he was planning to leave Hungary again and go on a disc jockey tour. However, due to the coronavirus, he had to look for a new profession and income, which is when animation came into his life.

Császár Előd deals with animations, this has become his life.

Photo: RTL Klub/Breakfast

In 2021, the former star singer decided to team up with Lotfi Begi and Nika, they made a new, modern version of Forbidden Love. Előd Császár made the animated video clip for the song himself, which became a huge success. Thanks to this, animation production is now his life.

– When we made a new Forbidden Love version with Nika and Begi last year, it turned out that I made an animated video for it: I made five thousand drawings on a tablet and pencil in three weeks. I had a nervous breakdown and a near heart attack several times.

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– Then the song and the video were completed, and the latter was nominated for the animation video of the year award. Of course, I couldn’t win this, it would have been quite serious. After that I realized that it works very well for me. I started producing video clips, I basically traveled in collage animation, then artificial intelligence came in January, and that was the end of it – said Előd Császár in the RTL Klub Reggeli program, whose pictures can already be seen at an exhibition, and he has even sold a few of them.

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– In January, I found a video where a guy explained that you enter a text in a text field and you can make amazing pictures with it. I say, this is for me, lazy people should do things this way. Then it turned out that it was a much bigger thing than I thought. In practically one month, it turned my life upside down, turned my life upside down – enthused the 49-year-old celebrity about artificial intelligence.

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By now, Császár Elód can’t even imagine a picture not moving, animation has become his life, he even creates three thousand drawings a day.

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