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Home Tech Elon Musk shows glowing hot "Hex Tile" starship sweatshirt

Elon Musk shows glowing hot "Hex Tile" starship sweatshirt

Hex tiles

In a video posted on Twitter, ElX Musk, CEO of SpaceX, highlighted the company's eagerly awaited spaceship spaceship, "Heat Shield Hex Tiles," which will keep it cool on re-entry into Earth's atmosphere.

In the video, SpaceX engineers heated the hexagonal tiles to a maximum temperature of 1,650 degrees Kelvin. According to Musk, this is "circulating temperature," which means that it could technically survive the heat generated on reentry – a vicious glow of red reminiscent of the unbelievably hostile forces of reentry.

Transpiration cooling

The tiles cover only the hotter side that enters the atmosphere first – "Lee does not require a sign [or back] Page "after musk. For all hot spots, a is displayed "Transpiration" System that causes the exterior to sweat water or methane to minimize damage and fly back soon after landing.

"After landing, the spaceship must be able to fly immediately," Musk promised Follow-up Tweet yesterday. "Zero renovation."

Spaceship Hopper

The news came after social media images were released that SpaceX plans to test an early "Starship prototype" "Hopper" on its test site at Boca Chica Beach, Texas, "as early as the 18th of March."

Back in December, musk has tweeted a picture Starsips stainless steel cone, but the strong hurricanes later led to the SpaceX Texas rocket being released from its anchor blocks, and it crashed.



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