Encryption: Teams receive end-to-end encryption

A more secure encryption is currently being tested for Microsoft Teams. End-to-end encryption is now available for video calls and conferences.

the essentials in brief

  • Microsoft will offer end-to-end encryption in teams in the future.
  • The feature is now available for companies in an initial test phase.
  • Since this is a test, there are currently some restrictions.

Microsoft Teams has now firmly established itself in the everyday work of many office workers. In order to make video calls and conferences more secure in the future, the Redmond-based company is working on a new encryption method. Communication via teams should be encrypted with end-to-end encryption (E2EE).

New encryption already in the test phase

The program now offers a first test version of the secure encryption for companies. All you have to do is use the current version of the program and activate E2EE manually. During the call, an icon with the code used will appear in the top left corner. In this way, the participants can check that no one else can actually access the connection.

Since this is still a test, there are still some shortcomings with the new feature. The E2EE is only available for unplanned calls between two people. In addition, various functions such as recording, call forwarding and live subtitles are omitted during the call.

Based on the feedback, Microsoft wants to check whether and how E2EE is further integrated into teams. When the feature will be officially added is currently unknown.

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