EOS Ra: Canon brings mirrorless full-frame camera for stargazers


Canon has introduced the system camera EOS Ra for astrophotography. It has a higher light transmittance for hydrogen alpha wavelengths (Hα) to the image sensor. This allows the camera to capture the reddish color of diffuse fog clearly, said the manufacturer, who also provides comparison images between R and Ra on his website. The sensor achieves a resolution of 30 megapixels.

Job market

  1. Institute for Medical and Pharmaceutical Examination, Mainz
  2. ICon GmbH & Co. KG, Pforzheim


Like the EOS R, the camera has no moving mirror, so it's not a digital SLR (DSLR). Instead, Canon is now also on a mirrorless design, where users look through a digital viewfinder.

The electronic viewfinder has an OLED panel with 3.69 million pixels. The viewfinder provides 100% field coverage. The housing is made of magnesium alloy, the controls are individually configurable.

The EOS Rs can record videos in 4K, which according to the manufacturer makes them the only astro camera with this video resolution.

Canon EOS Ra (Picture: Canon)

The EOS Ra has a new lens mount, which Canon calls RF bayonet. All matching lenses have a control ring, with which the settings can be made directly on the lens. This ring also offers the optional adapter that can be used with EF and EF-S lenses.

The Canon EOS Ra should cost 2,770 euros, compared to the normal R a small surcharge. This has a list price of 2,500 euros.


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