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Erdogan's propaganda did not help

Dhe case of the haughty ", was the letter from Istanbul overwritten, which I had sent to the newspaper after the local elections of March 31. In it, I mentioned that the game of Erdogan, who turned Turkey into an autocratic republic, led to a disappointment for him. The loss of eleven major cities, most notably Istanbul, was considered the beginning of the end.

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Like any political leader with excessive self-confidence, Erdogan refused to acknowledge the facts, preferring to increase the stakes. In order not to leave the 25-year-old city, which ultimately carried him into the presidential palace, to the opposition, he let the election be annulled. He believed that with the resources available to him, and above all his media power, he would catch 13,000 votes in the city with more than ten million voters. But then the opposition candidate Ekrem Imamoglu, who had been one thousandth ahead on March 31st, was nearly ten percent ahead of Erdogan's candidate Binali Yildirim. He increased the distance to fifty-six times. Undoubtedly, his clear victory also contributed to his being a "victim." But both the rhetoric Erdogan used and the attitude of the media he created greatly increased the AKP's defeat.

Turn the camera briefly to Egypt to see how much of Erdogan's media, 95 percent of which are directly or indirectly controlled by the palace, was useful to the opposition. Recently Erdogans once died with 52 percent of "Muslim Brothers" Mursi during the trial of him. His tragic death led to a tragicomic situation in terms of media history. The al-Sisi regime that toppled him determined how the Egyptian media reported Morsi's death. The media had a text of 42 words. The spokeswoman Noha Darwish accidentally put a few words too high on Extra News TV when she also read the following information from the prompter: "Sent from a Samsung device."

The scandal exposed how the media in Egypt are being controlled. The headlines in Turkey after the Istanbul election show that Erdogan is not acting differently. The loss of the metropolis read in the palace media: "Istanbul has made his choice." In football news is reported instead of "the game was played" who won. But when it came to the defeat of the AKP, there was no talk of the outcome or of the actors. It was limited to dry headlines. Which brand device they have been sent from has not yet been determined. In order not to recognize that the title statement came from the same place, some wrote "selection" instead of "choice". So we do not totally resemble Egypt! We have an "advanced democracy".

Bulent Mumay

The day after the election, these common headlines had been made to scare off the mood of defeat and make the election seem unimportant. After all, the news was on page one, albeit with sober words. On the second day, however, the election had disappeared from the headlines. In order to forget their failure, the pro-government press prefaced headlines such as the US Plan for the Middle East, Tsipras's declaration on the Aegean, Turks operating in Chernobyl, and "Erdogan is the most popular statesman in the Arab countries."

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