Essen senior doctor with “unvaccinated” armband feels misunderstood

In a clinic in Essen, a senior doctor tried to make a statement with a self-made “unvaccinated” armband. so the hospital comments on whether the man has to fear consequences.

The doctor, who came to work in the St. Josef Hospital in Essen-Kupferdreh with an “unvaccinated” armband, probably has no consequences to expect. At the request of t-online, a clinic spokeswoman said: The doctor felt misunderstood.

Similar pieces of fabric based on the identification of Jewish citizens in the Nazi era are more common at demonstrations by so-called “lateral thinkers” – but you don’t expect them in a hospital. The senior physician in Essen still came to his shift with it.

“Unvaccinated” armband in the Essen clinic: senior physician feels misunderstood

But what did he mean by that? According to the latest findings, the word “unvaccinated” and “PCR test negative” were also on the bandage. “According to his own statements, he wanted to point out the importance of continuous corona tests as the most effective measure for unvaccinated people,” the clinic spokeswoman told t-online.

However, he took off the armband again after a few minutes and, after discussions with colleagues, quickly “realised” that his “message had been misunderstood” – and now regrets the action.

Shortly after the incident, the hospital had told the “WAZ”: “Of course” the subjective feeling of the employee was respected. “However, the place to express your protest is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by the hospital management either.”

The hospital does not tolerate the site of the protest – but no consequences

However, there is no mention of consequences for the senior physician in the statement to t-online: However, the occasion is used to inform the workforce as best as possible about the purpose of the vaccination.

The vast majority of employees have already followed the recommendations for vaccination, “but as a reflection of society, there are also individuals in our facilities with different opinions,” said the clinic spokeswoman.

It is not only at the St. Josef Hospital that there are people who refuse to vaccinate among the employees: According to “WAZ”, there are also at least 12 percent unvaccinated staff at the university clinic, including doctors. Only people vaccinated against Corona are now employed there.