Even when Shin Hyun-soo returns, the embers remain… Attention to President Wen’s decision

Shin Hyun-soo, chief executive officer of the presidential secretary’s office, listens to President Moon Jae-in’s remarks at a meeting of chief and advisors held at the Blue House on the 22nd. yunhap news

As Shin Hyun-soo, senior president of the Blue House, took over to President Moon Jae-in, the gong went back to President Moon, the person in charge of personnel. Attention is focused on President Moon’s final decision whether to continue to leave the duties to Chief Shin or replace Chief Shin as soon as possible.

◇ Re-confidence or replacement, passed to President Moon

Chief Shin returned to the Blue House on the 22nd after four days of vacation, and said, “I will take over to President Moon and do my best to perform my duties.” If Chief Shin, who is known as President Moon’s 20-year period, pushes out the Blue House in the current composition, it seems that he has handed over the final decision to President Moon as the damage to the regime is inevitable.

Blue house. yunhap news

The Blue House did not say anything about President Moon’s reaction or position. A senior Blue House official met with reporters on this day and said, “I can’t tell you about the president’s intentions,” and “The president will make various decisions.”

There are two possibilities. First of all, it is possible that President Moon re-confidences chief Shin and re-employs the task of mediating the conflict with the prosecution that he originally assigned. The fact that most of the investigation team remained in the prosecution’s mid-level (deputy general manager, vice-president level) personnel announced on the day Shin’s return can be interpreted as the fact that President Moon gave power to Shin. It is also worth noting that Shin discussed personnel affairs with the Ministry of Justice while on vacation.

On the contrary, there are observations that President Moon will soon replace Chief Shin. It was pointed out that the staffs were unable to act as a result of this incident, as the confusion in the civil administration chief’s office was exposed and various theories over whether President Moon’s residence was made or not.

Accordingly, there is a possibility that President Moon will renew the atmosphere through a major reorganization of personnel of the Blue House staff, including the Civil Affairs Office. The Blue House was already reviewing a plan to reorganize secretaries whose main goal is to strengthen the planning field. If the reorganization of the Blue House staff is accelerated this time, Chief Shin will naturally leave.

Shin Hyun-soo, chief executive officer of the presidential secretary’s office, is attending a meeting of chief and advisors held at the Blue House on the 22nd. yunhap news

◇The sparks of conflict are everywhere… The choice of President Moon depends on the keynote of state administration.

The Blue House has avoided the worst, but there are high concerns that this situation will only be a trailer.

This is because the so-called controversy over passing the so-called Min Jeong-seok reveals that the conflict between the regime and the prosecution, which has continued since the days of Cho Kook and former Minister of Justice Choo Mi-ae, remains, and that the temperature difference is significant even inside the Blue House.

Although most of the core investigation teams were left in the midst of the prosecution’s officials announced on the 22nd, the conflict can be re-enacted at any time in the course of investigations related to the government, including the appointment of the next prosecutor general.

Eventually, attention is drawn to President Moon’s final choice, including whether Shin Hyun-soo is re-confidence or replacement.

A passport official said, “Will President Moon continue to mediate conflict with the prosecution and maintain a smooth state of affairs management? It will depend on the president’s actions in the future.”


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