Events, birthdays and days of death on Monday, June 27th, 2022

Berlin. The current calendar page for Monday, June 27, 2022: What happened today, who was born, who died? The events at a glance.

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Calendar sheet: Monday, June 27, 2022

  • 26th calendar week, 178th day of the year, 187 days until the end of the year
  • Star sign Cancer
  • Name day: Cyrill, Heimo, Hemma

History: What happened on June 27th?

2017 – FIFA releases the long-hidden “Garcia Report” on the 2010 World Cup awards to Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022). It describes violations of the ethics rules of the World Football Association by almost all of the World Cup applicants.

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2012 – Joachim Rukwied is the new President of the German Farmers’ Union. At the farmer’s day in Fürstenfeldbruck (Bavaria), 95.4 percent of the approximately 570 delegates voted for him to succeed Gerd Sonnleitner, who had not stood as a candidate after 15 years at the head of the association.

2007 – The low-cost airline Ryanair is not allowed to take over the former Irish state line Aer Lingus: The EU Commission blocks the purchase with a veto. After a seven-month competition review, the Commission in Brussels decided that there was a threat of a quasi-monopoly for the new network on the routes to and from Dublin.

2002 – The Middle Rhine Valley and the old towns of Stralsund and Wismar on the Baltic Sea are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

2002 – After around two weeks in the Antarctic ice trap, 107 people are rescued on board the stranded German freighter “Magdalena Oldendorff”.

1992 – At the EC summit in Lisbon, the heads of state and government agree to militarily stop the Serbian aggression on Sarajevo.

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1977 – France grants independence to Djibouti, its last African colony, after 115 years.

1954 – The world’s first nuclear power plant goes into operation in Obninsk, south of Moscow.

1519 – In the “Leipzig Disputation” Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchthon and Andreas Karlstadt confront the Catholic theologian Johannes Eck and question the sole teaching authority of the Pope (until July 3, 1519).

Celebrity Birthdays: Who Was Born On June 27th?

1972 – Jackie Thomae (50), German writer and journalist (novel “Moments of Clarity”)

1942 – Jérôme Savary, French-Argentinian director and theater manager, made famous by his “Grand Magic Circus”, died 2013

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1937 – Peter Graf von Kielmansegg (85), German political scientist and historian (“After the Catastrophe”)

1932 – Anna Moffo, American soprano and actress (films “La Traviata”, “Die Schöne Helena”), died 2006

1927 – Otto Herbert Hajek, German painter and sculptor (triptych “Paraphrases of the National Colors”), died 2005

Celebrities Death Days: Who Died On June 27th?

2002 – John Entwistle, British rock musician, bassist for the group The Who (“My Generation”), born 1944

1992 – Elizabeth Shaw, Irish illustrator and children’s book author (“The Scary Little One”), born 1920

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