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Ex-Bayern talent Gianluca Gaudino does not rule out a return to the Bundesliga

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At Bayern Gianluca Gaudino missed the final breakthrough. The 24-year-old has not yet finished with the Bundesliga.

Former Bayern talent Gianluca Gaudino can imagine returning to the Bundesliga four years after leaving Munich. “I’m not ruling out anything, but I won’t let my head turn,” said the now 24-year-old picture-Newspaper.

After stops in St. Gallen and Chievo Verona, Gaudino has been playing for the Swiss top club Young Boys Bern since January 2019 and recently won the championship three times in a row with the club. Under coach Gerardo Seoane, the son of the former Bundesliga player Maurizio Gaudino is not one of the regular players and usually only comes from the bench.

Gianluca Gaudino is happy in Bern: “Feeling of friendship and solidarity”

Nevertheless, the midfielder found his luck in Bern. “I’ve already had a few stations in my career, but nowhere has the feeling of friendship and solidarity been as pronounced as here,” he said. He is not completely satisfied with his balance sheet. “32 appearances in the championship and the Europa League are also a sign that I was an important part of the squad in a very successful team,” said Gaudino.

His contract with the Swiss champions expires after this season, a continuation of his career with the Young Boys is just as possible as a change. “Talks are ongoing with Young Boys. I want to use the last few weeks of the season to keep going and offer myself for the new season,” he said.

Gianluca Gaudino wants to give up Bayern reputation

Gaudino made his Bundesliga debut for FC Bayern at the season opener against VfL Wolfsburg in August 2014. Under coach Pep Guardiola, he made eight Bundesliga appearances in the 2014/15 season – it should be his only one to this day. He was also used in the Champions League and the DFB Cup. “I would like to finally give up the reputation of being the failed Bayern talent,” he clarified.

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With his time with the German record champions, he has meanwhile finished. “I understand that my Bayern past is still very much alive for many people. But it is no longer for me,” he said, but without looking back on that time with resentment. “FC Bayern is the biggest club in the world and I am very grateful for the time I was able to spend there. But I am going my own way. I have developed further as a player and as a person – completely independently of Bayern Munich,” said Gaudino .


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