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Ex-Brown coach Hue Jackson will work for his friend Marvin Lewis

CINCINNATI – Cleveland Brown's former coach, Hue Jackson, returns to the coaching staff in Bengals for a third stop in Cincinnati this week after being named special assistant to the head coach.

"I have a very good feeling for Hue and his ability to support me in daily defense responsibilities, including analyzing our opponents and supporting match days with the players and defensive coaches," said Marvin Lewis, Bengals coach an explanation.

The Bengals fired defensive coordinator Teryl Austin Monday after a 51-14 loss to the saints.

"I am pleased to have the opportunity to play for the Bengals this season," Jackson said in a statement. "There are a lot of talents on this team, and I'm looking forward to doing my part to make it strong this season."

Lewis has taken on the role of defensive games. When asked on Monday how he would handle the additional tasks, Lewis smiled and said, "I have a plan."

When asked if Jackson had come to the staff, Lewis laughed and said, "Watch and see."

It's no secret that Jackson and Lewis have a penchant for many years. Jackson has called Lewis his best friend, and Lewis has called him the brother he never had.

From 2004 to # 06, Jackson was the broad receiving trainer of the Bengals. In 2012 he was second assistant and special trainer. He was 2013 coach and offensive coordinator from 2014 to # 15.

Almost every week, the two men talk on the phone and often talk glowingly about each other, which is why it was speculated that Jackson could end up back in Cincinnati after being shot in Cleveland on October 29. The fire that brought Jackson back was not immediately on fire The radar, and Lewis declined to answer questions in a press conference shortly after the announcement.

"I will not make a headline," he said at the time.

After Austin's departure, things had apparently changed, and Lewis took on additional duties. It was not the first time Lewis had brought him back.

Lewis found Jackson a place in the workforce after Jackson was fired in 2011 after just one season in Oakland. Jackson was about to work as a head coach in Cincinnati.

Both men proposed a succession plan to Bengals, through which Jackson took power after Lewis resigned. But eventually Jackson went to Cleveland and went 3-36-1 before being fired.

The duration and details of Jackson's contract in Cincinnati were not disclosed.



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