EXCLUDED - Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett ... Meet the Stars of Ocean's 8

EXCLUDED - Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett ... Meet the Stars of Ocean's 8

Seventeen years later Ocean’s Eleven , the saga comes back with a fourth opus, Ocean’s 8 , whose peculiarity is to be entirely led by women. On the occasion of the coming of a beautiful part of the cast in London , we had the pleasure of interviewing four of them: Sandra Bullock , who is camping Debbie Ocean (the sister of George Clooney ) Cate Blanchett Sarah Paulson and Mindy Kaling.
At the microphone, the four accomplices spoke about their characters, their memories of apprentice thieves as children (some are not as wise as they seem), their ideal robbery but also the actress they could to hire if a 9th film came out – and we are talking about the possibility of seeing a French woman come to the casting.
The story of Ocean’s 8 : Five years, eight months, 12 days … and the counter is still running! This is the time it took Debbie Ocean to build the biggest robbery of his life. She now knows what he needs: recruit a team of shock. Starting with his “associate” Lou Miller. Together, they hire a small band of experts: Amita, the jeweler, Constance, the scammer, Tammy, the ranger, Nine Ball, the hacker and Rose, the fashion designer. The coveted loot is a $ 150 million diamond river. The sumptuous jewel will be around the neck of famous star Daphne Kluger who should be the focus of attention during the Met Gala, the event of the year. It is therefore a reinforced concrete plan. Provided that everything is linked without the slightest mistake of course. Finally, if the girls plan to leave the evening with the diamonds without being worried …
Ocean’s 8 , currently in theaters!

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