Exclusive: TAP will pay for stopped planes. Company spends more than 20 million to renegotiate Neeleman’s time contract

Yesterday at 20:44

TAP will spend more than 20 million euros on the renegotiation of the 8 ATR planes contracted during the administration of David Neelman to his own company: the Brazilian company Azul.

At issue is the reduction from 8 to two planes, which will be withdrawn from the operation carried out so far by the Portuguese company White and delivered to an Estonian aviation company that was on the verge of bankruptcy.

White contests what it considers to be a bad act of management on the part of the Portuguese airline, which will weigh even more on taxpayers’ pockets and throw 120 Portuguese workers into unemployment.

TAP argues that the cost of this renegotiation is better than continuing to bear much higher rents than the market and promises to incorporate 25 to 30 White workers in the company that will succeed it: X Fly from Estonia.