Facebook Messenger will soon allow you to switch between business and personal accounts (finally!)

Earlier this week, Facebook finally made the change we hoped for. years by. And I am not the only one.

You see, in addition to managing the IMPACT Facebook group, IMPACT Elite, through which I receive many direct messages to my personal Facebook profile, I also manage three Facebook pages, two other Facebook groups and I own several events.

For years I had to switch to the dreaded Page Manager Application to reply to messages as one of the pages I manage. It was so cumbersome that I finally uninstalled it from my phone and decided to remove my laptop to send messages to my pages because that it was a little easier.

But not anymore!

Finally, Facebook has heard the cries of its users and is adding the ability to switch between personal and business accounts directly in the Messenger app.

This is a much-needed feature and a long-awaited update.

The update posted by Facebook Mike Weingert, Product Manager, said: «According to our research, more than 90% of Facebook business managers already use Messenger to chat with friends and family, and many tell us that they do not want to download and manage multiple applications ». .

I can confirm, we no I want that. It’s a pain.

Reference was made to Facebook’s own update. one of my favorite HubSpot studies that says “90% of customers appreciate an immediate response [from a business] as important or very important when they have a marketing or sales question.

Exactly. We need to be able to respond quickly and easily.

Now, there are some “90%” stats in a row, I know. But it only shows how vital this change is.

What does this update offer to commercial page administrators?

With this update, business page administrators can not only quickly and easily switch between replying to personal messages and messages to their business accounts, but can also receive notifications via Messenger for messages on their business pages.

This simple addition to the Messenger app will make life much easier for many social media managers, and in turn, will give customers the ability to message business pages for much faster responses.

Image via Facebook

How do companies use Messenger now?

Businesses use Facebook Messenger to engage with prospects and customers by answering questions, completing transactions, sharing offers and specials, sending purchase confirmation and tracking information, and more.

After COVID-19, many companies answer more questions than ever from their followers.

I know I have messaged companies to see if they are open or offer delivery. Others used the Messenger tool to keep track of meetings canceled due to quarantine.

All these additional questions and conversations mean that many social media managers are working over time to keep up with the influx of questions via Messenger, another reason this update is so interesting.

What does this mean for you and your company?

You can finally uninstall Page Manager! No, no, I’m kidding.

Of course, this new received box feature will arrive first on iOS and will launch on Android in the coming weeks.

This means that you can prepare to receive messages on business pages directly in your Messenger application, which Mayo it means that you will want to update your push notification settings in advance.

Whether that means turning them on so you never miss a message, or turning them off because you receive a lot of messages and are best addressed at set intervals, in either case, we recommend that you take a look at your notification settings.

Of course, we don’t know for sure what kind of granular or account-specific notifications will be available through this switch feature, but I’m optimistic that it will be something similar to how Instagram account switch works.

This means that you can have automatic notifications enabled for some accounts and disabled for others. Fingers crossed!