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The Facebook Portal tablet will open up to external solutions since it is now compatible with Zoom, Webex, BlueJeans and GoToMeeting. Good news, but I would have liked to see Teams too.

Created by Facebook (you guessed it) and marketed since 2019, the Facebook Portal is a device that comes in the form of a tablet in order to facilitate video calls using Messenger and WhatsApp. No need to use your PC or smartphone to make a video call to loved ones.

Interesting and restrictive at the same time, because the device is limited to only two web conferencing applications, but that was before! This major drawback is an old story since Facebook has provided support for other solutions. Clearly, Zoom and Webex (Cisco) weigh on the web conferencing market! Moreover, the use of Zoom exploded in March 2020 and more particularly since the start of the first confinement.

All that’s missing is Teams to have the trio in fashion right now. In addition, Facebook has added support for two other solutions: BlueJeans from Verizon and GoToMeeting whose parent company is LogMeIn.

This strategy seems relevant to me for boost sales of Portal devices. Restricting your device to WhatsApp and Messenger is understandable, but it is a real barrier to buying for many users.

The Facebook Portal range is available in several devices, the majority of which are in tablet format. However, there is also the Portal TV version which does not include a screen and which connects directly to a TV (or an external screen).

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