Facebook still can’t contain the Buffalo shooting video and is working to remove the violent images.

You can still find videos of the Buffalo shooting on Facebook.

Facebook is always working to prevent its platforms from being used to spread violent images. Indeed, the social network cannot contain the videos of the terrible shooting of the last weekend in Buffalo, in the State of New York.

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Images of the shooting appear alongside Facebook ads

According to Engadget, The New York Times said not only is footage of the shooting available on the platform, but footage of the attack sometimes appears alongside Facebook ads.

It’s unclear how often the ads appear alongside clips of the shooting. However, The New York Times said that “searches for terms associated with shooting footage have come up with advertisements for a horror movie, clothing companies and video streaming services. »

The phenomenon is not a new problem for Facebook. The social media platform is experiencing the same issues in the aftermath of a 2019 shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand.

In some cases, according to the New York Times, Facebook recommends search terms associated with videos of the shooting.

Like previous mass shootings and violent events, the footage was originally released on Twitch by the Buffalo shooter. The accessibility of the footage on Facebook proved that it is still difficult for social media platforms to contain such content.

Facebook said it had previously designated the event as a terrorist attack. It was trying to detect new copies that are automatically shared with its service.

However, videos still managed to slip through the cracks. The fact that ads appear near these videos on Facebook is likely to raise new questions about the company prioritizing profits over safety, according to a whistleblower.

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Meta says they have been working to remove all posts from the Buffalo shooting.

According to the Wall Street Journal, representatives from Meta Platforms Inc, Twitter Inc and YouTube said they were working to remove any posts relating to the Buffalo shooting that violated their policies as quickly as possible.

A Facebook spokesperson told The New York Times that it tries “to protect people using our services from this horrific content, even as bad actors are determined to draw attention to this content,” Engadget reports.

According to Twitch, they deleted the stream less than two minutes after the shots rang out. However, versions of the video are still accessible on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube more than a day later.

According to Tech Against Terrorism, a business and government-backed group that fights terrorist activity online, they had found content associated with the Buffalo shooter on more than 70 different platforms, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Prior to the shooting, the alleged shooter, 18-year-old Payton Gendron, posted a document about his plans online. He said he chose Twitch because the platform is free to access.

Gendron originally planned to broadcast his attack on Facebook. However, in January, he decided to switch to Twitch due to his younger audience.

Most social media platforms make it easy for anyone to stream live video from a smartphone. So, even if it violates the policies of the platform, it is possible to broadcast acts of violence in real time and quickly publish and repost recordings of these streams, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

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