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This is the story of an experiment that turned viral in social networks for their mind-boggling conclusions. Hugo and Ross Turner are twins explorers of 32 years of the city of Exeter, in the Ukwho wanted to discover what kind of diet it was the best for the human body: the vegan or the omnivore. The answer caused quite a stir in Facebook. What do you think was the one that was imposed?

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So it was that from January to march this year, the brothers –inspired by the growing popularity (and sometimes controversial) of the diets vegan for athletes– continued to separate a particular dietary regime: Hugo followed one exclusively vegan while Ross, another omnivore, and full of meat products.

But the twins adventurous of this experiment that it quickly became viral on social networks such as Facebook and other social networks were not alone as enjoy the support of a team of biologists from King’s College London, which monitored their weight, cholesterol level and body fat.

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The researchers believe that by comparing the results of these two test subjects there is a greater precision in relation to those obtained in the normal case, since they are genetically identical. Also, the physical transformation that were made that are now easier to differentiate them.

In Facebook they shared the results: Weighing at the beginning 83.9 kilos and 13% body fat, after the experiment Hugo ended up with almost two pounds less and their body fat was reduced by 12%. On the other hand, Ross started with 79 pounds and 13% body fat and ended up going up to 85 kilos, in addition to increasing your rate of body fat to 15%.

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The researchers discovered that the microbial diversity in intestinal both Hugo and Ross suffered from sequelae due to their diets. At the end of the experiment, the twins of the experiment viral Facebook they concluded that the diversity and flexibility in the diet it is the key to achieving a diet healthy.

History viral of the Turner Twins on Facebook

The twins Turner working with the Department of Twin Research at King’s College London to help better understand the genetic composition and physical. During his several expeditions, medical research conducted on twins has focused on a number of key areas, including the microbiome in the gut , the levels of cortisol and the daily levels of fasting blood glucose

They have two world records, for being part of the crew of four men plus young man in rowing the Atlantic and the first twins in rowing in any of the oceans of the world, after rowing with success the Atlantic Ocean in 2011.


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