Fair start in Krefeld overshadowed by suspected thugs

Massive security forces on site
Fair start in Krefeld overshadowed by suspicion of rackets

The suspicion is circulating in Krefeld that young people have arranged to fight at the Brittal funfair that has just opened. Witnesses who got wind of it alerted the police, who responded with a massive presence.

The start of the first fair after Corona on Sprödentalplatz was overshadowed by rumors that young people on social networks had arranged to fight at the fair after dark. Witnesses also told the police about it. She didn’t want to take any risks and was on site with the massive forces of a hundred on Friday from the opening of the fair. At the same time, the start of the fair was a happy event, well attended in the best weather, and attended by many families with children.

As a police spokeswoman explained on request in the evening, witnesses had heard that there were such arrangements for fights. Where and how these appointments are made is unclear. So far, only rumors are known that are “round”, circulate in schoolyards and are intensively discussed by students. The violent groups should therefore come from Krefeld itself, but also from Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Essen.

Despite the vague indications, the police did not want to take any risks and showed up in front of and on the Sprödentalplatz with massive forces to nip any hint of violence in the bud.

A city spokeswoman also confirmed that the presence of the police and security service was greater than usual, especially on the two days with fireworks. The city also confirmed the fact that there were rumors of arranged fights. It is also known from the past that thug groups did not even show up at the fair because they found out about the presence of numerous security forces.

The most recent massive incident at a fair took place on Friday a week ago in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt. A group of young people had rioted there and behaved aggressively towards other visitors. At least a dozen young people, some of whom were underage, were given a place in Rheydt.

Mönchengladbach: young people mob fair visitors and disrupt the parade

Beyond the disturbing rumours, the opening of the fair in Krefeld was a boisterous event attended by many families. After a two-year Corona break, there are again 120 showmen and snack bars on Sprödentalplatz. This year’s highlight: One of the longest transportable roller coasters in the world is making its rounds in Krefeld. The Ferris wheel is also making a comeback.

The fair runs from May 13th to 22nd, on May 20th there will be fireworks at around 10 p.m., just like on the opening day. Thursday is family day. On May 17 at around 2 p.m. there will be a fair tour for children from Stups and the Krefeld Special Education Center.