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One of the trends that burst into swimwear in recent years was crochet designs. This technique has been undergoing changes applying to a host of designs and colors, such as the curvy bikini Half Rose what has been done viral and it has been widely commented on social networks and Instagram. Through her profile, the model of the UK He shared an image with a swimsuit that was very successful among his fans and opened summer 2020 in that part of the world. Here is her photo that breaks the internet.

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The viral swimsuit of Half Rose these are two well-made bathroom pieces in shades ranging from black to beige. The added value that has been so successful is not the color but the material and technique with which it has been made, crochet. It is one of the most classic knitting processes that, for several seasons, has been recovered to delve into the fashion of bikinis.

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The popular 25-year-old model doesn’t take for granted the hottest season in Europe following days of confinement by the coronavirus. “Summer 2020 has not been canceled, babies”recently wrote Half Rose in their networks. Through its Instagram, who has more than 14 million followers, shares her swimsuits that have become a source of inspiration for many.

“All I have with me are crochet and bikinis. I’m sick of using all the other things i bought that are more casual style. What is your bet for this June, July, August? … ”, the star of Instagram in statements collected by the Daily Mail newspaper. “The crown really screwed us … it really screwed us … a lot. I hope everyone stays safe. “.

Demi Rose's crochet bikini.  (Instagram)
Demi Rose’s crochet bikini. (Instagram)

The model shared on the last Father’s Day an emotional tribute in memory of her late father Barrie, almost two years after passed away from cancer at 80 years old. Demi Rose uploaded an image as a child with her dad on social media while praising her “loving” personality.

“Happy Father’s Day to the most knowledgeable and caring dad I could have wished for. I feel so privileged to be here on this Earth, to have had you in my life and to be half of you. I can’t wait until the day we meet again. “the British star said on her Instagram profile.

Demi Rose's emotional tribute to her deceased father.  (Instagram)
Demi Rose’s emotional tribute to her deceased father. (Instagram)

Demi Rose dresses up as Catwoman

The British has hung on her Instagram Stories a viral photo where he appears with the unique cat mask of the famous character from the American comics. Demi Rose is seen without complex on what appears to be the terrace of his London apartment and also wearing black transparency. The 25-year-old British model immediately surprised millions of her fans on social media.

Catwoman (called “Catwoman” in Latin America) is a character who appears in American DC Comics comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman. The character made her debut as “La Gata” in Batman # 1 (spring 1940), and her real name is Selina Kyle. She is Batman’s most enduring love interest and is known for her complex love-hate relationship with him.

Demi Rose exudes sensuality disguised as Catwoman.  (Instagram)
Demi Rose exudes sensuality disguised as Catwoman. (Instagram)

Demi Rose leaves London with suggestive pose

In these days of confinement, social networks have become a necessary means of communication. The celebrities they are using them to communicate with their fans. Today the British model Demi Rose revealed through her Instagram account something that surprised more than one: moves out and leaves London to travel to a city that has not revealed.

The stunning 25-year-old British model has shown that she is not shy when it comes to showing off her hardworking figure and since the beginning of the confinement at the beginning of March she has not stopped draw attention in all the posts which she has shared through her Instagram account with very daring outfits and even starting the European summer with daring bikinis and swimsuits.

Demi Rose leaves London with suggestive photo on Instagram

Demi Rose’s other bikinis

Demi Rose shares her Spotify playlists

In his profile of the streaming music service you can see up to a dozen playlists that the curvaceous has made public 25 year old model. Also, the artists that Demi Rose follows on Spotify include stars of the likes of the English band The Beatles, the Americans Khalid and Lana Del Rey, the British Jorja Smith, even Colombian music by Los Wawanco, Aniceto Molina and La Sonora Dinamita.

To follow Spotify’s playlists and Demi Rose’s musical tastes you can do it through the next link. The British model has a dozen music charts with her favorite songs.

Demi Rose shares her Spotify playlist to liven up confinement.  (Instagram)
Demi Rose shares her Spotify playlist to liven up confinement. (Instagram)

Meet Mikayla, Demi Rose’s close friend

It is already common for Demi Rose, the 25-year-old British model, to attract attention on Instagram with her publications. Precisely, recently she surprised her followers by spreading a video where she introduces her close friend, Mikayla. But, Who is this young woman and what do they represent in the circle of the English model?

Through a story, she broadcast the aforementioned recording, ensuring that “I was catching up” with his partner, who is a young woman who has a stylized figure. Although she is a little less voluptuous than the model born in Birmingham, United Kingdom, her appearance has raised the temperature on the social network.

What are Demi Rose’s measurements?

The sexy model Demi Rose Mawby She presumes some impressive measures that have made her one of the most acclaimed women on social networks, especially Instagram, because every day he falls in love even more with his provocative images.

Although she rose to fame for the similarity she has with the American singer Selena Gomez, it was her curves that ended up making the world surrender at her feet. At 157 cm tall and 94-61-103 cm tall, it causes a sensation by posing in a bikini or without clothing.


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Demi Rose shares her playlist to liven up confinement

Instagram: Demi Rose shares her Spotify playlist to liven up confinement



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