Fameck. Theft of meat and beatings on his concubine, the fifty-something had drunk too much

In Fameck, on January 17, a 52-year-old man went to the Leclerc store to buy something to eat. Beers and a big chunk of meat. But during his automatic checkout, the Florangeois cash only alcohol. “I did not have enough to pay the rest and I was hungry,” he declares bluntly at the bar of the Thionville court. Known and recognized by the store’s security guards, his wanderings on the shelves did not go unnoticed. So much so that despite his efforts to hide the meat he had previously unpacked and put directly into his pocket, he was arrested when he left. “I am an alcoholic,” admits the defendant. He admits consuming about ten beers a day for “a very long time”. Alcohol precisely which, on July 29, at the home where he lives in cohabitation in Florange, made him lose his temper to the point of sending his companion to the hospital.

“Broken mouths”

That evening, an argument against the background of excessive beer consumption led the fifty-something to strike with his fist and then with an ashtray the face and head of the woman who has shared his life for two years. The result was a concussion, stitches and three days of ITT for the one he describes as an alcoholic “even worse than me”. “She is not afraid of anything, she knocks like a man”, continues the defendant who admits having broken her arm a year earlier. “We fought with pieces of wood,” explains the one who claims to love his companion. A reciprocal love visibly since she declared that she did not envisage the separation. And to specify: “He (the accused) is nice”

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Six months firm with continued detention as well as the partial revocation of a previous probationary stay up to two months were requested by the public prosecutor. For the defense, it is “reciprocal violence fueled by addictions on both sides”, even speaking of “broken faces”.

A sentence of five months of imprisonment with continued detention to which are added two months of partial revocation of the suspension was pronounced against the fifty-year-old.