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Fashion historian Vasiliev criticized the outfit of Lera Kudryavtseva

Alexander Vasiliev made a "fashionable sentence" to celebrities.

Famous fashion historian and critic Alexander Vasiliev was asked about the costumes of stars at the music festival "New Wave" that is taking place in Sochi these days.
The critic was by tradition not kind to some celebrities. Especially went to the freshly-born Lera Kudryavtseva, who was one of the leading at the festival.
According to Vasiliev, the feathers on the sumptuous evening dress of Kudryavtseva looked stale and liquid. Whether it was the fault of the lighting or the dress was really not the most successful, Vasiliev did not understand. He called the image of Lera Kudryavtseva "operetta".

In addition, the critic believes that the pinkish shade of the dress did not go well with the tanned skin of Kudryavtseva and gave her an unhealthy pallor. Bright-pink lipstick also did not like Vasilyev.

But the dress of Angelica Varum, in which she sang a duet with her husband and co-author Leonid Agutin, Vasiliev approved. A shining silvery dress with a pleated skirt, a deep neckline and a dark insert, he considered a very moving singer.

According to the historian of fashion, diagonally embedded in the hem insertion of dark fabric – a good solution, because "any diagonal in the clothes sets the dynamics."
The editorial board recognizes that the Lera Kudryavtseva left the decree to work two weeks after the birth. She gave birth to Masha's daughter in the middle of August and more than once said that she really does not want to leave her.

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