FC Bayern and Flick: The balance of power is shifting rapidly

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The balance of power is rapidly changing in favor of Flick

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Hansi Flick on pen and new contract

For his 55th birthday, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge gave Hansi Flick a pen. Flick’s wife takes care of this directly to prevent contract accidents.

From emergency to ideal solution within a few months: coach Flick has a breathtaking career at Bayern. That actually leaves his club with only one choice. Especially since there are increasing reports of alternatives.

WHow fast careers in professional football can go is probably best explained in these months using the example of Hans-Dieter Flick. When FC Bayern decided to fire Niko Kovac and quickly didn’t have a big name as his successor, the assistant coach was temporarily put on the bench. Half a year later, the emergency solution has become an ideal solution.

Under Flick, Bayern have regained the top of the table, are almost in the top eight teams of the Champions League in the cup semi-finals and after a terrific 3-0 win at Chelsea. Under their new coach, the team won 17 of 20 competitive games and lost only two.

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This is actually a stroke of luck for the club. Who would not be happy if he could fill such an important position with a man from his own ranks? Making Flick the head coach would only be the logical consequence. He enjoys the support of the team, the club and the industry. In addition, the recent success increases the risk of deciding against Flick. Especially since coaches are reluctant to succeed a successful and extremely popular predecessor. If they do, the parties will quickly find themselves in need of explanation should the quick success fail to materialize after the change.

And yet, the Bavarians have so far been unable to bring Flick to final promotion. They talk about such plans and give him expensive pens with the addition that such writing utensils are needed for signatures, but so far they have not wanted Flick’s autograph.

“Specific inquiries” from the Premier League

That in turn does not seem to please the trainer. And he increasingly lets that through. What he can afford, as the power structure shifts week by week. The position of the former DFB sports director is strengthened with every success. When asked a few days ago whether his club should sign a replacement for the so indispensable Robert Lewandowski in the storm center next season, Flick simply pointed out that he could not say anything about it. After all, his contract is only valid until summer: “In the current situation, the club has to think about how it should position itself. That is not my job at the moment. Of course I have an opinion about it. I’ll leave that with me. “

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Julian Nagelsmann

In addition, there are increasing reports that there are other and increasingly attractive options for the 55-year-old. The “Sport Bild” reported on the first offers weeks ago, now the “kicker” followed. According to the magazine, Flick had several “specific inquiries” from the Premier League. Club names are not mentioned in the report.

Wherever the origins of such news lie, they definitely do one thing in this excited industry: They increase Flick’s market value and the urgency in the club. Bayern will not be able to take their time for long. Because one thing Flick should have decided for a long time: He will also be head coach next season. If not in Munich, then somewhere else.



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