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Home News Federal President Steinmeier: "Nationalism is an ideological poison"

Federal President Steinmeier: "Nationalism is an ideological poison"

Germany Federal President Steinmeier

"Nationalism is an ideological poison"

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Steinmeier warns against nationalism

Federal President Steinmeier has warned against nationalism. This was "ideological poison," he said. International fairness was lost.

Federal President Steinmeier has warned against a resurgent nationalism. He was no less poisonous in his "new robe". In international relations fairness seems to be increasingly lost.

BFederal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier sees a danger in a strengthening nationalism. "Nationalism is an ideological poison that is no less poisonous in a new guise," he said on Monday in his New Year's speech to the Diplomatic Corps in Berlin. "We in Europe will never forget that. But we keep the memory awake and we show that we have learned from our bloody history, "said the head of state according to speech manuscript in the castle Bellevue.

In international relations fairness seems increasingly to be lost, warned Steinmeier before the diplomats. Instead, the "zero-sum logic of one 'each for himself,' or worse, one against each, has gained in influence. "More and more openly, the conviction is questioned that cooperation and firm rules benefit all parties."

Instead, free and sovereign states should find common rules, Steinmeier demanded. "They have to define their cooperation so that their actions do not end in confrontation, hostility, and ultimately war, as has historically happened so often and with such dire consequences." In a networked world, such cooperation is only possible the more important.

Germany plays positive role in peace promotion

The Ambassador of the Pope in Germany, Archbishop Nikola Eterovic, emphasized the role of political stability in the Federal Republic, also with regard to the European Union and the rest of the world. At present there are war, violence and forgotten conflicts in many places, said the doyen of the Diplomatic Corps, according to the manuscript. "In this context, Germany, in conjunction with the European Union and NATO, plays a positive role in promoting peace, especially through dialogue."

One of the most pressing issues at the moment is refugees and displaced persons, Eterovic continued. Germany continued its efforts to assist many countries in their development in financial, technical and human terms, emphasized the papal nuncio. The global challenges are enormous: the call for peace, greater justice between poor and rich countries, and environmental protection to preserve creation.

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