Fewer infections, but more corona patients admitted

In the past week, RIVM registered 45,175 positive tests, which is an average of 6454 infections per day. Last week, the average was 10,032 infections per day.

Risk level down

The infections are slowly moving in the right direction, so the risk level can be reduced slightly in a number of places. Several regions will probably take a step back next week: they will probably go from the highest level (very serious) to the second highest level (severe) when the government adopts the new map of the Netherlands on Wednesday.

However, the weekly average is still higher than a month ago. When the relaxations started at the end of June, the number of positive tests was around 600 per day.

The figures from the National Coordination Center for Patients Distribution (LCPS) show that the number of corona patients in Dutch hospitals has risen to 533 admitted patients. That is 29 more than yesterday. Then there were 504 people with corona in hospital, 27 more than Friday.

A total of 87 new corona patients have been admitted to hospital today. Of them, 16 had to go to ICU, and 71 ended up in a nursing ward.

134 patients in ICU

Most corona patients are in the nursing ward, namely 399 people. That is 11 more than a day earlier. There are 134 patients in intensive care with corona, 18 more than yesterday.

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