Finally alternative dials for the Apple Watch?


Since the launch of Apple Watch , many hoped that Apple would propose the possibility of customizing the dials outside the proposals of Apple. If the thing is possible on Android for a while, Apple is reluctant to let developers take control of them . The reasons are many, but the firm has never been a big fan of the ” custo ” , the dials staying at the center of the user experience . The other invoice is, of course, counterfeit, because in the case of validation, a dial ” Rolex ” or ” Breitling ” could pose serious legal problems to the builder. In the last beta of watchOS 4.3.1, hope is reborn despite everything , with a few lines of code – around the NanoTimeKit component, which displays the dials – suggesting that Apple could offer third-party dials. Not very lucky, though, that this feature comes on a minor update, but Apple may be preparing the ground before the presentation of watchOS 5.0 at WWDC in June. recall that Apple already offers third dials, with Nike, Hermes or Disney but in the context of very specific partnerships. Via


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