Finally spring in the Var? What is the weather like this week

Finally spring in the Var?  What is the weather like this week

Monday It starts strong with generous sun in the morning of the coast at Haut Var … before the arrival of a cloudy sky over half of the department, more cloudy on the Dracénie and still very sunny from Fréjus to Rayol-Canadel. At the end of the day, rare showers are forecast on the hinterland. Side temperatures, it will exceed 20 ° for everyone with 22 ° in the Center Var. Tuesday Great sun on the beaches all day, finally! The hinterland will be less spoiled since it will be a little more under the clouds in the morning before the return of a dominant sun in the afternoon. On the other hand, the mercury will be more generous on the heights than at the seaside: between 20 and 22 ° against 18-20 ° of Fréjus in Toulon. Wednesday As much sun for all, it obviously could not last! Do not worry, the clouds will not be threatening. In short, sunny but cloudy weather for everyone. Only consolation: temperatures beyond 20 ° on the seaside (record at 22 ° Rayol-Canadel and Toulon) and the hinterland with a nice 23 ° for many municipalities and 24 ° to Luc. Thursday Ah Thursday … Already in the previous night, the sky will be more loaded and somewhat threatening with the first showers. A (very small) little rain? The program for everyone visibly, but nothing really bad and the sun will appear. Temperatures remain very pleasant on the other hand, in a range between 20 and 23 ° on the beaches and 20-24 ° on the heights. Friday Saturday Sunday Did you like Thursday? You’ll love Friday and the following weekend! It’s simple, we take the same ingredients and we start again on the side of the sky as mercury … and for everyone. With temperatures between 20 and 24 ° overall and peaks at 25-26 ° Sunday in a triangle between Salernes, Puget and Le Luc. In short, not really a beautiful spring weekend.

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