Fire brigade training system put into operation – Baden-Wrttemberg

Eschbach (dpa / lsw) – Up to 3000 firefighters are to be trained in a new fire brigade training facility in the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald every year. Whether the fight against a building fire or technical assistance in rail transport could be given here in Eschbach almost under real operating conditions, said Interior Secretary Wilfried Klenk (CDU) on Sunday. Firefighters from Freiburg and the surrounding districts should also be able to use the system.

Training and further education at fire brigades on site – beyond the central state fire brigade school in Bruchsal (district of Karlsruhe) – is becoming more and more difficult, according to the ministry. Exercise objects and special exercise facilities are only available to the fire brigade to a limited extent. Solutions shared by several municipalities could ensure uniform quality standards in training and reduce costs, since not every municipality has to provide training facilities.

The state has contributed 3.4 million euros for the facility including the attached respiratory protection training course. Every euro that is invested in fire service training serves our safety. Practical training creates confidence in action and can prevent accidents on the job, said Klenk, according to the announcement.

According to the ministry, the education and training of the more than 112,000 fire brigade workers in Baden-Wrttemberg is multi-tiered: the municipalities, as the fire brigades, are responsible for regular training and further education, the city and rural districts for technical and technical training. Executives and specialists are trained in the state fire brigade school.

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