First winter storm hits Durango

The first winter storm of the 2021-2022 season hit the state of Durango with records of temperatures of up to minus six degrees Celsius, and the probability of rain, snow and sleet is expected in the northern municipalities of the state.

In that situation, the state civil protection coordinator, Guillermo Pacheco Valenzuela, reported that the state civil protection council was installed in permanent session, under close coordination with the 39 municipal councils, in order to activate the protocols for the season winter and protect the population that is at risk.

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He explained that due to the first winter storm and the ninth cold front, temperatures of up to two digits below zero are expected, winds of 70 km per hour and there is a 50% probability of falling rain, sleet or snow in the mountain municipalities of the North.

Winter storm of the 2021-2022 season hit the state of Durango / PHOTO: GUILLERMO PEREA / CUARTOSCURO.COM

The state council of civil protection maintains ready more than 100 shelters in the state, which will be used to protect the population at risk.

For his part, the director of municipal civil protection of Durango, Gustavo Paredes Moreno, stated that the municipal councils are frequently monitoring the reports of the national water commission …

It is worth mentioning that the state is expected to pass 14 winter storms during this season, as well as 56 cold fronts.

The entity has two of the coldest areas in the entire country, which are La Rosilla, in the Guanaceví municipality, and Santa Bárbara, in the Durango municipality.

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