Flåklypa Grand Prix | Norwegian game success:

This reveals the developers in Ravn Studio about the family game that will be released on November 4.

– After several years of hard work, it is fantastic to finally be able to release the news that Flåklypa Grand Prix will be released on November 4, Stine Wærn cheers at Ravn Studio in Drammen, in a press release.

Ravn Studio has in close collaboration with Caprino Filmcenter and RockPocket games in Tønsberg, developed the long-requested all-Norwegian game.

We have already tested the game, and here we tell about the first minutes of the new Norwegian big game.

The game comes to PC and can also be purchased in a physical version for the Nintendo Switch, which is the most child – friendly.

Why Flåklypa Grand Prix?

The game is briefly about the famous and beloved three-leaf clover; optimist Solan, pessimist Ludvig and bicycle repairman Reodor Felgen.

The news now is new courses and more mini-games. You can play mini-games, build the famous race car Il Tempo Gigante and of course drive it in the big car race: Flåklypa Grand Prix – this time in full 3D, according to the developers themselves.

So you can self experience the legendary “stomach craving” on the racetrack.

– On the Flåklypa Grand Prix track, you can use ‘Dirty Tricks’, and knife to get first over the finish line towards both Blodstrupmoen and the other race cars from the film, says Tinka Town in Ravn Studio.

This year’s Christmas gift 2021

And why should this be this year’s Christmas present? Owner and general manager of Caprino Filmcenter AS, Remo Caprino explains it simply:

– The target group is 3-103 years. Regardless of the individual gaming competence, everyone should be able to find fun and exciting gaming experiences, alone or with family and friends. All based on our company’s motto: Family, Quality, Not violence.

Here you will find the game success.

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