Food companies that do not take action to deal with allergens may face more severe penalties in the future, a judge warned as she arrested two takeaway bosses for manslaughter on a 15-year-old girl.

Ms. Justice Yip said the risks associated with food allergies have "gained a lead" they did not have at the time of Megan Lee's death on New Year's Day 2017.

She said, "It's quite possible that a restaurateur who does not take any action on allergens today is clearly considered to be at high risk."

The nut allergic Megan Lee died of an anaphylactic reaction after unknowingly eating peanuts in a meal sold at the Royal Spice snack bar in her hometown of Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire.

The teenage girl and her friend had ordered online just two days ago via the Just Eat website and wrote "nuts, shrimp" in the comments and notes.

The delivered meal, which included an onion Bhaji, a Suchh Kebab and a Peshwari Naan, later had the widespread presence of peanut protein.

Harun Rashid and Mohammed Kuddus (Danny Lawson / PA)

Last month, a jury at Manchester Crown Court found snack barkeeper Mohammed Abdul Kuddus, 40, and manager Harun Rashid, 38, who unlawfully killed Megan for gross negligence.

The two-week study heard that there was a "litany of mistakes" in the kitchen, including poor hygiene and no records of ingredients.

The judge, who has imprisoned Rashid for three years and Kuddus for two years, said, "In short, it seems no one at the snack knew which allergens were in the diet."

The court found that Rashid's negligence was greater because he saw the order in the grant, but ignored Megan's comment.

Megan's parents, Adam and Gemma, have vowed to draw attention to the dangers of allergies, and they have warned the food industry "not to play Russian roulette with valuable lives."

Our perfect family bubble was torn apart
Megan Lee's family

Ms Justice Yip said: "It is hoped that the news will be heard that those who fail to handle the food supply with the necessary care will face significant imprisonment in the event of death.

"I, like Mr. and Mrs. Lee, hope that this tragic case will increase the food industry's growing awareness of what can happen if allergies are not taken seriously.

"Those who ignore the warnings and continue to disregard food safety regulations may see the courts harder in the future."

Previously, Ms. Lee and her husband read an emotional personal testimony from the testimony.

She described her "living nightmare" as she was having trouble with everything to do with Christmas and New Year – her favorite time of the year when the family loved spending time together.

She said, "Our perfect family bubble has been torn apart."

He explained that Megan was the first love in school life. She said it was "our heart" that she did not have the chance to do her GCSE exam for which she had learned so much, or go to graduation after choosing her dress.

Her second love was music theater, and she was also denied the opportunity to perform in the West End and become an actress.

Rashid, on Rudd Street in Haslngden, was also found guilty of failing to fulfill a general employer duty, which violates the European Union's food safety legislation in violation of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

For these crimes he received a simultaneous prison sentence of six months and four months.

Kuddus of Belper Street, Blackburn, admitted the charges to himself and Royal Spice Takeaway Ltd, who were traded as Royal Spice Takeaway, and was sentenced to five months and three months.

Both men, who were said to have expressed genuine remorse, were subjected to hygiene prohibition orders that discouraged them from participating in food management.

A fine of £ 1,000 was imposed on Royal Spice Takeaway Ltd, which, according to the court, has no assets.



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