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Freiburg (dpa) – 1. FC Magdeburg had a hard time at the start of the new year’s competitive game, but underpinned its entitlement to a place in the 2nd Bundesliga. The 3-2 victory of the third division leaders at SC Freiburg II was hard work and showed everyone that promotion will not be a sure-fire success. After all, the club now has the cleverness and skills to win games in which they are not so good.

“We struggled a lot in the first half because we were too static,” said coach Christian Titz on ARD. A few tactical changes during the break had an immediate effect. The FCM now controlled the game against Freiburg, who were very sure of the ball, and created chances that were then used. Jason Ceka (20th) before the change as well as Raphael Obermair (70th) and Amara Condé (74th) were allowed to be celebrated as shooters.

Titz had expected exactly that after his half-time speech. “It was already clear to me that we would have our chances. But you have to be patient against a team like that, let the ball run until the space opens up,” said the coach. As always, however, he was also critical in his analysis. The large number of good Freiburg chances, especially in the first half, annoyed Titz. With better tackling, but also with the safer passing game after the break, that was largely eliminated. But: “The 3:2 in stoppage time was totally unnecessary because we were outnumbered,” complained Titz.

Against tail light TSV Havelse it should be a better, but just as successful Magdeburg performance. Next Sunday (3 p.m.) the club can then take another step towards the second division.

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