MEXICO – The Federal Commission of Economic Competition could punish up to 10 years in prison to people who may be guilty of the practice of 'Gentlemen's Covenant' in Mexican soccer, he pointed Erik of the Angel, licensed in economic competition for UNAM.

In an interview for Spicy Football, the professional commented that the "monopolistic practices" that are investigated in Liga MX must be checked.

"The sanctions to companies and individuals can go from 5 to 10 years, fines up to 200 thousand umas (17 million 672 thousand pesos). They are economic agents, a fine of up to 10 percent of their income or 180 thousand umas (15 million 904 thousand 800 pesos) and disqualification to take a position as a manager, "he said.

Del Angel remarked that the visit of the representatives of the COFECE to six clubs of First Division is the announcement at the beginning of the investigations and these can be realized by own account of the autonomous organism.

"The COFECE was able to warn certain practices and initiate the investigation and there may also be complaints. It does not imply anything other than the initiation of an investigation and is in absolute monopolistic practices and has several stages where the clubs can respond and develop a process where it ends in the resolution of the plenary and can be contested if they do not agree with the resolution of the failure, "he said.

"It is the most punishable offense in the federal competition law. This is between competitors. The teams are also companies or economic agents and compete with each other. In this competition is the sale and purchase of players, and teams can raise, manage and manipulate prices. They can also establish points to reach agreement and establish the sale of a product or reach an agreement so that a product is not acquired. In the imaginary of the assumption of the management, the 'Gentlemen's Pact' as it has been described seems to manifest these violations in its Federal Law, "he said.



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