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For record collectors, hell is the others

John Cusack in the movie High Fidelity (2000) – REX FEATURES / SIPA

While thousands of record collectors and music lovers have celebrated the
Disquaire Day in all France, Saturday,
looking for rare cakes, Editions Rivages Rouge are coming out The art of storing his records, Philippe Blanchet and Frédéric Béghin. "It's an almost humorous work, not very serious, warns Philippe Blanchet. The music is serious and we can really take the lead to put away his records, but we took this problem from the playful angle. "

Throughout the pages, the authors make testify various amateurs of music which explain their relation to the arrangement. Manic, methodical, surreal, instinctive, messy … All the methods are there but also the whole spectrum of intimate relationships to music and the concept of collection. Perhaps more than the musical tastes, the way of putting away his records defines a music lover. But for Philippe Blanchet, everything is a matter of sociology. "Most people who do not put their records find them anyway. The problem is sharing. When you live alone and you have no friends, no children, no pets, everything is fine. Storage is tied to the idea of ​​sharing. "

Tell me where you put Elliott Smith, I'll tell you who you are

So when "the other" wants to put your nose in your collection that it must have a storage system. Alphabetical, chronological or by genre. We can also cross systems, distinguish dead artists from those in practice, as explained by Philippe Blanchet: "There are maniacs who invent amazing systems, very clear for them but actually really twisted. I also heard about a guy who put his discs by color slice … In my opinion, beyond 1000 discs, it is not tenable. For the author and music fan, discussing his storage system is a way of wondering about the history of music.

"There is the particular case of classical music and contemporary music. For a long time, people put them together but after a while, we brought together contemporary music and electro, because there is a whole scene of minimalist composers who inspired the pioneers of electro. "

Marie Kondo in PLS

While vinyl sales continue to climb and are now a real segment of the music market, the cliché of disc collector stuck in the 1990s disappears. "There is a succession, says Philippe Blanchet. Today, 30% of vinyl buyers are under 30 years of age. It does not stop people from going on streaming or CDs. I buy a lot of CDs because it's still practical, and because it makes it strange to buy new vinyls. "

The record collector contradicts another form of "modernity" by favoring accumulation rather than purity. "It is the praise of accumulation, Marie Kondo is swept!" Laughs Philippe Blanchet. Over time, a vinyl collection has the same function as a photo album. What will become of the photos that people take with their phones? We do not know. But a collection of vinyls has a madeleine effect of Proust. "

If the book The art of storing his records It focuses on anecdotes and rather light considerations, the author notes that "being a collector is also a pain. It's a kind of drug, a mild neurosis. And there are often disappointments, disks that we miss, we lose. And a collection is never finished. Storing his records is one way to regain control over his creature. Finally to try … "




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