It was found that the proportion of apartment sales of over 1 billion won in Seoul decreased slightly from last year.

As a result of analyzing the actual apartment transaction price of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on the 19th, the proportion of apartments with a sale price of over 1 billion won, which reached 24.6% last year, has decreased to 22.8% this year (as of the 14th).

Jikbang analyzed that “the decrease in transaction volume in the Gangnam and Seocho regions was affected by the strengthening of loan regulations and holding tax on high-priced housing, and sluggish reconstruction projects.”

Transactions between Gangnam and Seocho, which have maintained 10% of the total volume of Seoul every year for the past five years, have declined to 7.3% this year.

On the other hand, in Yongsan, Songpa, Seongdong, Gwangjin, Mapo, and Dongjak, the proportion of apartment sales of more than 1 billion won continues to increase.

In addition, the southwest (Geumcheon, Gwanak, Guro) and Northeast regions (Nowon, Dobong, and Gangbuk), which were popular with newlyweds and those with insufficient funds due to the large number of low- and mid-priced houses, are also seeing 1 billion won apartment transactions.

Jikbang pointed out that “the high-priced housing transaction market has partially contracted due to strong regulations, but if it is lifted, there is a risk that the market may become unstable again.”

(yunhap news)

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