Forceful response from the president of Al-Hilal about the signing of Messi, after winning the Copa del Rey de Campeones

Swithout a doubt the future of Leo Messi It will be one of the most commented news in the world of sports. Although Leo Messi’s hours at PSG seem numbered, so they shouldn’t last much longer than the remaining games to finish this season. In recent times, several options have been rumored for the Argentine star, even AFP dared to affirm that Messi will leave Paris Saint-Germain and play for Al-Hilal. ‘AFP’ was so emphatic when ruling on Leo’s future, alluding to a “source” close to the negotiations. “Done deal”.

At the Saudi club, the fans demanded the signing of Lionel Messi from the stands after winning the Copa del Rey de Campeones and its president surprisingly responded to the clamor of his followers who chanted the Argentine’s name. “Don’t ask me about Messi. I won’t tell you anything. If something comes out of our press department, they will find out,” said President Fahd Bin Nafel, in full court.

Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly one of the Argentine’s options, but it has more. They believe in the possibility that the player will sign for Al-Hilal, since the offer is stratospheric. There is talk of 400 million euros per season. And if it were not this amount, it would certainly be infinitely higher than any offer that came from Barcelona or any other high-level European club. Messi knows this and in that regard the agreement would not be a problem because in a matter of money nobody can compete with them. But the final decision of the player to want to go there is missing. No matter how close the agreement is at an economic level, the player is happy to go to Arabia.