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Home Entertainment Forest fires in California flames reach Villa of Kim Kardashian

Forest fires in California flames reach Villa of Kim Kardashian

California's terrible fires continue to spread! So far, at least nine people have died. And there is no end in sight. Calabasas, the celebrity town Hidden Hills and the luxury seaside resort of Malibu are currently evacuated, freeways and highways around the burning areas are closed.
The flames do not stop in front of the houses of the stars. Kim Kardashian, 38, reported that her home in the exclusively celebrity town of Hidden Hills (about 2,000 residents) was already hit by the flames. On Twitter, she wrote, "I've heard that the flames are home to our estate Hidden Hills, but now more fires are contained and have stopped for the moment. Right now it looks like it's not going to get any worse. I pray that the wind develops in our favor. God is good. I just pray that everyone is safe. "
                        I heard the flames hit our property at Hidden Hills. It does not seem like it's getting worse right now, I just pray the winds are in our favor. God is good. I'm just praying everyone is safe 🙏🏼- Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) November 9, 2018

Kim Kardashian, her husband Kanye West (41), their children and their security team had previously been evacuated, as the reality star on Instagram announced. The huge estate of the family was completed only this year.
                            Kim Kardashian's Instagram Story Photo: Instagram / Kim Kardashian
         Kim wrote in her Instagram story about a fire image of her homeland: "Pray for Calabasas. I just landed back home and had to pack up within an hour and evacuate our house. I hope everyone is safe. "House of Caitlyn Jenner destroyed by fireIt was previously known that the house of Caitlyn Jenner (69) also fell victim to the flames. The property of the TV reality star in Malibu has been completely destroyed, as the US celebrity portal "TMZ" reported.
                            Caitlyn Jenner's house in Malibu was destroyed by the flamesPhoto: Evan Agostini / AP Photo / dpa
         Other celebrities are affected The fire also threatened actress Alyssa Milano (45). She not only had to evacuate herself and her children, but also their animals. Among them were 5 horses, as she wrote on Twitter. Now everything should be safe – at least "everything with a heartbeat".
                        Horses are finally safe. My children are safe. My home is in jeopardy but … everything with a heartbeat is safe. Thank you all for your concern.To those who insisted on being quiet hurt because our political affiliation is different, you are wrong with the country.- Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) November 9, 2018

Famous movie ranch falls victim to flames
                            The "Paramount Ranch" has been the setting for many famous Hollywood movies. Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP Photo / dpa
         Part of the Paramount Ranch was also destroyed by the fire. This was communicated to the National Recreation Area of ​​Santa Monica in a tweet. The site was the backdrop for HBO's "Westworld" series and other Hollywood films. More than 150 homes have been burnt down in the south of California to date. There are at least 2,000 buildings destroyed throughout the state. 250,000 people were called to evacuate their houses, they are evacuated.
Affected is also Thousand Oaks, where the inhabitants had been terrified only one day earlier by a serious violent crime with twelve dead.
The fire broke out early Thursday morning (local time) and spread rapidly. By Friday morning, the firefighters were able to contain it to five percent, as the California government announced. "This is a very dangerous fire," Fire Authority CalFire wrote on Twitter. Unbelievable: Sometimes the flames ate up the fields of six football fields in just one minute!
                            A firefighter fights the flames that completely destroy a house in Malibu. Photo: Ringo H.W. Chiu / AP Photo / dpa
                            The flames have also reached the houses on the beach of Malibu. Photo: AFP
         People from other parts of the state also report a desperate search for relatives, burned-down houses and closed motorways. The Pacific Highway, one of the major arteries in California, has been closed, according to authorities, between Topanga Canyon and Decker Canyon. ,


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