The former world star, the Brazilian Ronaldinho, had been imprisoned for a month now in Paraguay, where he was detained for using false passports.

The former wing of Barça and PSG is in an improvised cell, the office of a police station in the capital Asuncion.

His trial has been halted since the precautionary measures taken in the country in order to stem the Covid-19 pandemic, freezing judicial activity at least until Easter.

Its containment partners reported that two days ago, the 2002 world champion lost with his brother Roberto, arrested and imprisoned with him, a football match against two other prisoners, one convicted of murder and the other for theft. News that circulated on social networks.

His friend and former Barça teammate, Spanish Carles Puyol, said Friday he spoke to him on his cell phone, which Ronaldinho has in his prison.

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, known as Ronaldinho, was arrested on March 6 with his brother Roberto. Both are accused of entering Paraguay in possession of false passports and have been placed in pre-trial detention.

The 2005 Ballon d’Or and his brother had arrived in Asuncion two days earlier to promote a book and participate in various charitable events.

Brazilian justice deprived Ronaldinho of a passport at the end of 2018, after being fined $ 2.5 million (about 2.36 million francs), which he never paid, for having built a discarded without authorization at the edge of a lake in a protected area, according to Brazilian media.

ats, dpa

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