05th November 2018 06:23:19

Indian police are investigating allegations against a four-year-old girl who was raped in an intensive care unit in a hospital in the north of the country.

Key points:

  • The child was treated for a snake bite
  • One man is in custody, four others are said to be involved
  • India has recently approved the death penalty for rape of children

Local police officer Mahesh Srivastava said the girl told his grandmother that she was raped by a hospital guard and four others when she was alone on Saturday night.

He said one man is in detention and the police are looking for others.

The police also asked for CCTV footage and tried to figure out why the girl was left alone in intensive care.

Mr Srivastava said the girl had been in hospital for four days and was being treated for a snakebite.

The hospital is located 250 kilometers southwest of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

India has been shaken by a series of sexual assaults in recent years, including the rape and murder of a student who was on a moving bus in New Delhi in 2012.

This attack launched a country where widespread violence against women has long been accepted.

In response to widespread outrage over the recent rape and killing of young girls and other attacks on children, the Indian government earlier this year approved the death penalty for people convicted of rape of children under the age of 12.




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