last Saturday, the sports hall of Montamisé welcomed the meeting between the soccer players U13 of the department of the Vienne and those of “small ” (less than 1.45 m), organized by France Nano Sports, with the collaboration of the club de football local. The copy of a tournament held last year at the same time. Thierry Gauthier, first deputy to the mayor of the commune, the leader of the football club and a member of France Nano Sports, said: “The purpose of this meeting is to show that despite the disability, one can practice the same sport and the category U13 is perfectly suited to these differences in size “.

Organize a european tournament in 2019

Two teams of France Nano Sports, made up of Bretons, Marseillais, Manceaux, and of Poitou, 9 players from 14 to 51 years, faced teams from various clubs of Vienna to a futsal tournament 9 matches per team. A beautiful and warm day, as the teacher commented on the new president of the national association, Xavier Lafond, parisian student in engineering school: “We practice this sport for the sharing, the joy of being among friends, and these encounters are always a real pleasure. We do other activities such as badminton, table tennis, sports that are adapted to our disabilities, and we participate in other events such as the adventure that has led us to climb the peaks of the Alps. We are pleased with the organization of such events which bring a lot “. Meetings of this kind have been taking place twice a year: in Montamisé in this tournament and in the Cup of the French disabled sports of futsal, scheduled this year in Brest.
Thierry Gauthier unveiled a project: the organization of a european tournament in 2018 or 2019, bringing together eight teams nano, including two Spanish teams, two british, two German and two French. “This tournament, organized in collaboration with the football club of Montamisé will require two rooms. The contacts are advanced. France Nano Sports is almost ready, it remains to organize the logistics and the funding, particularly for travel. The event would take place over two days with Saturday a tournament U13 between valid and nanos, and on Sunday, a tournament between the teams of nanos “. Xavier Lafond supported: “This is a very nice idea “…

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