Free places at the VHS Wrzburg

There are still free places at the Volkshochschule-Wrzburg, as announced in a press release.

Society area

Through the city with Hans Steidle; Wrzburg City of Citizens, Saturday, September 12th.

Why the residence is such a uniquely beautiful castle, three times from Tuesday, September 22nd.

Sebastian Kneipp and herbal medicine. Guided tour through the Kneipp plant garden on the site of the old state horticultural show in the Mainviertel, Thursday, September 17th.

Job / IT area

Computer basic course compact (Win 10), four times from Monday, September 21.

Languages ​​section

Romanian A1 (from lesson 1), twelve times from Monday 14 September.

Swedish A1 (from lesson 1), 15 times from Wednesday, September 16.

English A1 (from Unit 1), seven times from Thursday, September 17th.

Greek A1 (from lesson 1), 13 times from Thursday, September 17th.

Online language course: Spanish A2 (from lesson 1), eight times from Tuesday, September 15.

Health area

Outdoor fitness bootcamp, ten times from Saturday, September 12th.

Yoga & walking in Steinbachtal, five times from Saturday, September 12th.

Rediscover yoga, twelve times from Tuesday, September 15.

Mindfulness and hiking – continually reflect, four times from Saturday, September 19th.

Culture area

Filmhistorische Reihe – The Italian Neorealism: The Struggle of the Subject against the Shocking Reality, Monday, September 14th.

Film theme: Africa – Fair Trade, Wednesday, September 16.

Street photography, Saturday September 19th.

Further information and registration for all courses on Tel: (0931) 355930 or

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