Free PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox games for this weekend of April 9-11

As is customary every weekend we return with a handful of games to play for free during these days, among which a free trial of The Elder Scrolls Online stands out, still in force, and you can still download the games from the Play at Home initiative on PlayStation . In addition, the usual Free Play Days and weekly rotation of Epic Games They give us, like every week, a good opportunity to enjoy some games, either during the weekend, or permanently

3 out of 10, en PC

This week we can download for free and stay forever 3 out of 10, a fun classic adventure with a carefree aspect and set in the always arduous development of video games, although with a large dose of humor, as is usual in the genre. “Caffeinated superpowers, conscious artificial intelligences and rival studios will stand in the way of Shovelworks Studios as they try to develop a game that is finally over 3 out of 10. Will this be the season they finally get it?” Reads one. official description that makes your intentions very clear.

Free download stay with 3 out of 10 at Epic Games Store

The Elder Scrolls Online, on all platforms

As we said before, we still have time to test one of the most popular MMOs on the console as it is The Elder Scrolls online: Tamriel Unlimited, since its free trial is still valid until next Tuesday, the 13th. Without monthly fees and with several expansions behind it, we can enjoy a completely endless multiplayer delivery in terms of content offer.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Free Trial The Elder Scrolls Online on PC

Prueba free The Elder Scrolls Online and PlayStation

Prueba gratis The Elder Scrolls Online en Xbox

Enlisted, on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC

We can now play the open beta of Enlisted, one of the most promising multiplayer warfare shooters of the coming months, and one that will delight fans of classic Battlefields, with a multitude of players in each game and vehicles by land, sea and air. We can also give orders to soldiers managed by the AI, and in these beginnings we can play in two different campaigns: Battle for Moscow and Invasion of Normandy.


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Gears 5, en Xbox y PC

Gears 5

After completing the procedure with Gears of War 4, The Coalition could calmly print his stamp on Gears 5, starring Kait Diaz, and with the most extensive campaign in the entire franchise and implementing the fair but successful changes in the shootouts. This new study also knew how to interpret the essence of the saga in multiplayer, with two very prominent modes such as Escape and Horde, and we can play all of this during this weekend thanks to the Xbox Free Play Days.

Try Gears 5 for free on Xbox and PC

Starlink: Battle for Atlas, en Xbox y PC


Ubisoft ventured into the genre of space exploration with a game that also made use of physical toys, and although it did not have the desired impact by the Gauls, it offers hours and hours of content. Without the requirement of others like No Man´s Sky O Elite Dangerous, Starlink it will be able to satisfy those looking for a lighter experience of this type but not without visual appeal and constant discovery.

Try Starlink: Battle for Atlas for free on Xbox and PC