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French politicians will visit Crimea – RIA Novosti, February 13, 2019

MOSCOW, February 13 – RIA News. A delegation of French politicians headed by the ex-deputy of the National Assembly of France Thierry Mariani will visit Crimea during jubilee celebrations on the occasion of the republic becoming part of the Russian Federation, Leonid Slutsky, the head of the Duma committee on international affairs, said.

“Thierry Mariani and those who were with him, of course, will arrive at the fifth anniversary of the Crimean referendum. They will come again to Crimea to Sevastopol, they will be with us,” Slutsky said on the air of Komsomolskaya Pravda radio.

The parliamentarian recalled that Mariani had already led a delegation of French deputies and senators who visited the peninsula in 2015 and 2016.

“Thanks to these trips, then Europe learned that the Crimea is not at all enslaved by the population, and there is happiness from the fact that Crimea and Sevastopol returned to their native harbor – to the Russian Federation,” said the deputy.

Then many of these politicians lost the mandates of the deputies of the National Assembly of France, but that did not leave their commitment to common sense, he added.

Crimea became a Russian region after a referendum held in March 2014, in which 96.77% of voters in the Republic of Crimea and 95.6% of residents of Sevastopol were in favor of joining Russia. The Crimean authorities held a referendum after the coup in Ukraine.



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