FRESH ON! – Disappointed against HSV Hamburg

FRESH ON! – HSV Hamburg 24:28 (10:13)

HSV Hamburg had to use playmakers for the away game in Göppingen
Leif Tissier and backcourt player Azat Valiullin are without. This
obviously prompted the hosting FRESH OPEN! team
a misjudgment, because during the HSV concentrated and
went into play fiercely, the FRISCH AUF! players even succeeded at first
Nothing. The promoted team was quickly 0:3 in the lead and benefited from it
also from a first missed seven-meter throw by the home side. Tim Kneule
broke the ban in the 9th minute and scored to make it 1:3. Unfortunately he stayed
The course of the game remained unchanged afterwards. Hamburg played their attacks patiently
over and scored while FRESH ON! acted indecisively and no
structured attacking game brought about. After the one in FRESH
UP! Outnumbered HSV hit to 2:6 pulled FRESH UP! trainer
Hartmut Mayerhoffer the time-out card and tried to organize the game.
Unfortunately, the technical errors and misses piled up afterwards
sides of the green-whites. HSV pulled away to 3:9. At the
subsequent hit to 4:9, after a speed counterattack
Sebastian Heymann fell, the FRESH OPEN! national player had to be injured
from the place. Then the FRESH OPEN! game improved a bit and
Göppingen was able to catch up to 10:12 shortly before the break. again
technical errors prevented the goal, so the guests
went into the dressing room with a 10:13 lead.

The hopes of the at least 3600 spectators were now on the
second half, in the FRESH OPEN! went with his own play.
However, a seven-meter shot went wrong again and we were allowed to go much too fast
the guests pull away from 10:15 to 12:19 (39th). In this phase
HSV keeper parried some free FRESH UP! throws while the two
FRESH ON! goalkeeper did not come close to matching his performance.
The burden of the high arrears weighed like lead on the FRISCH
UP! players. Only slowly did they recover from what was bad again
Starting phase in round two. Axel Goller helped with two conversions
Seven meters to shorten the gap. At HSV, he now scored frequently
Casper Mortensen, who converted the seven meters in particular. Jon
Lindenchrone Andersen scored twice to make it 21:24 (56th).

Then came FRESH OPEN! regained possession of the ball in defense and carried
a second wave forward, but missed a few seconds that goal
of HSV was empty. Significantly, the chance and the attack remained
unused. Nevertheless, Till Hermann scored two minutes before the end
22:24, but this race to catch up came too late. FRESH ON! had to go with me
open defense risking everything and HSV took advantage of this to
to establish the final score of 24:28. HSV Hamburg won because of his
solid performance, because FRESH ON! did not come to any phase of the game
his normal game.

Guest coach Torsten Jansen: “I’m surprised today. With one
We didn’t really expect to win in Göppingen. But I am
proud of my team. Of course we succeed a lot and we
were able to play easily in contrast to Göppingen.”

FRESH UP! Coach Hartmut Mayerhoffer: “We’re off to a bad start
and are always behind. In attack we weren’t up to par
and have shown a desolate performance. Then we failed too
Bitter many times and miss too many chances. have total
we didn’t show our performance and defeat ourselves
to attribute.”

FRESH UP!: Rebmann (1st-18th, 39th-60th), Kastelic 18th-39th); Samarason 5,
Kneule 2, Lindenchrone Andersen 4, Heymann 1, Sarac, Bagersted 1,
Ellebaek 2, Schiller 4/2, Goller 2/2, Gulliksen 1, Hermann 1, Zelenovic
1, Kozina.

HSV: Bitter (1st-60th), Vortmann (with two 7m); Schimmelbauer, Mortensen
10/4, Späth 1, Weller 1, Ossenkopp, Axmann 4, Gertges, Andersen 1, Bauer
5, Forstbauer, Bergemann 2, Kleineidam 1, Theilinger 3, Feit.

Movie: 0:3 (8th), 2:4 (10th), 3:9 (17th), 6:10 (22nd), 9:11 (27th), 10:13
(Hz.) – 11:18 (37.), 14:21 (43.), 22:24 (58.), 24:28 (Ende).

Penalties: 4/5, plus direct red (Ossenkopp, 24th), red after 3×2 min.
Mold Builder (56.)

Viewers: 3600.

Referee: Hellbusch / Jansen.

(Source: FRESH ON! Göppingen)