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From the street sale to invoice 33 million with robes and comforters | Economy


Tramas, the Sevillian household clothing firm, faces 2020 with 105 own stores distributed between Spain and Portugal, a turnover that exceeds 33 million euros and a sustained growth of between 15% and 20% per year that, if consolidated In the coming years, it will allow them to double their current turnover in 2025. But, much further, Tramas is the personal story of two entrepreneurs, Alberto Hernández (Sevilla, 1964) and Francisco Rincón (Sevilla, 1962), who began working on the street sale with a wholesale distribution warehouse in the Sevillian town of Dos Hermanas.

It all started with a wholesale warehouse in the town of Dos Hermanas

“I come from a family of textile merchants and at home I learned the profession. When I decided to become independent, I found my partner and we looked for a warehouse to distribute fabrics wholesale to street vendors. But for me it was revealing a trip I made to the United States, where I could get to know the world of franchises, which in Spain had not yet taken off. I came back with that idea and started working with my partner, ”recalls Alberto Hernández, president of the company.

Thus, in 1996, the first Tramas store was born, located in the O’Donnel street of Seville (commercial epicenter of the city), “worrying a lot about the appearance of the premises and the corporate image,” says Hernández. Cordoba and Madrid succeeded Seville, until they began franchising the brand – “we have up to 40 franchises,” recalls the president – a maneuver that worked until the arrival of the economic crisis. “We had to make a change of strategy and we were left with all that did not close.”

Today, the company has 105 stores of its own in the Iberian Peninsula (with implantation throughout the territory) and plans to open one store a month throughout this year. It also intends to continue with the internationalization of the brand, with the opening of two centers in Italy that will join ten others between Spain and Portugal.

The crisis forced them to keep all the franchises that had not closed

In the last five years, “Tramas has doubled its commercial area, exceeding 12,000 square meters, which is the largest commercial offer of a Spanish firm specializing in household clothing,” says its president. Currently they manage more than 25,000 references, “and that makes us the first independent firm of these characteristics,” only surpassed by large groups.

Fight against giants

To combat the boom and the commitment to household clothing of fashion giants – with Inditex at the helm – Alberto Hernández is clear about his business model. “It is based on a clear mission: to provide our customers with all the textile offer that a home needs, offering the best quality, price and design in the market. Our purpose is to dress homes with affordable quality products. That is, we bet on simplicity and usability. ”

To do this, Tramas submits all textiles “to the test of durability and resistance in order to ensure a good purchase,” insists the president. Currently, the company is expanding its commercial offer with a line of premium products that aims to reach a wider spectrum of consumers.

Although its headquarters are in Gelves (Seville) – where all products are designed -, the company has opened a logistics center of more than 7,000 square meters in Dos Hermanas “to improve the distribution process and face a new stage of growth which will come mainly from international expansion and the advancement of online sales, ”explains Hernández.

This year, they hope to open a store a month and enter the Italian market with two establishments

One of the major investments foreseen in the Tramas business plan is the incorporation of the latest digital technologies based on radiofrequency codes, which make it possible to streamline and optimize logistics in warehouses and stores. “The objective of the firm is to double the number of references up to 50,000, which is closely linked to the trend of Internet sales, as it allows to expand the product catalog. In the physical stores, modifications of the stores will also be carried out to minimize them, while they will be digitized with the placement of digital screens to show and buy the collections ”, explains the president.

In 2018, the share of the online sale of Tramas did not exceed 3%, but it is a figure that has risen to 15% in 12 months. “The goal is to reach 18% or 20% by the end of 2020,” predicts Hernandez. Currently, Tramas distributes directly through its digital platform in four markets: Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. “Online commerce has become a strategic position also with a view to studying possible physical implementations in different markets; for us it is a good thermometer of the brand’s fit in the country, ”says the president.



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