Fundación León: agreement to help vulnerable sectors

The León Foundation signed an agreement with the Undersecretary of Social Policies of the Municipality of Yerba Buena to implement different projects that will be carried out for one year. The plans underway are the Future Graduates (PFE) programs, to accompany 60 secondary level students from the San José and Municipal Petrona de Adami schools through monthly economic support, tutorial support and a space for exchanging experiences; Learning at Home – HIPPY to accompany 60 families of boys and girls from two to five years of age from the Nueva Esperanza and Esperanza neighborhoods, through which heads of household will have access to materials, training and spaces for exchanging experiences that will allow them to carry out daily sessions with the preschool children from their homes; the Integral Center for the Elderly to provide services to 50 elderly people in vulnerable situations, who will have access to a comprehensive offer of cultural and artistic workshops, neurocognitive stimulation and the promotion of socio-emotional skills to combat loneliness and isolation; and Grameen to accompany 40 women entrepreneurs from the San Expedito and Horco Molle neighborhoods, with micro and macro credits and financial support.